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Renault Master 5ep

wynajem busa renault Master 5 epwynajem busa master 5ep

Number of seats: 3
Engine: 2.3 dCI / 170 hp
Fuel type: diesel
Gearbox: manual 6-speed
Combustion: 7,3 l./100 km
Exhaust emissions: Euro 6

Dimensions of the load area and load capacity
Length: 350cm
Width: 171cm
Width between wheel arches: 130 cm
Height: 171cm
Load capacity: 1370 kg

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Price list

Limit7 h1-5 days
(price per 24 hours)
6-30 days
(price per 24 hours)
Fri 1 P.M. - Mon 9 A.M.
Over one-month
250 km.200 zł240 zł200 zł599 złindividual price list
no limit250 zł290 zł250 zł749 złindividual price list

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